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Technical Report Sample

This is a technical report sample. Here is the details report on a deep learning-based project collected from This is not the main project but it is a standard template for showing your project report. You can edit as you want it. Thank you. Technical Report Sample on ANN: Abstract With the help of […]Read More

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Sample Speech Analysis

This is a Sample Speech Analysis/ Example Speech Analysis – general format. It will help you to understand the pattern of writing informative speech analysis. This was my assignment task on speech analysis at university. The main purpose of the speech titled “The Skill of Self Confidence” is to educate. The specific goal is to […]Read More


Sample – Speech Outline

Topic: Is Great Britain justified in leaving the European Union? General Goal:                          To persuade. Specific Goal:                          I want to persuade my audience that Britain’s decision is justified in leaving the European Union. Introduction: Attention Getter:              &Read More


Compare AND Contrast Essay

Sample – Compare AND Contrast Essay. The course was Intermediate Composition. This was my final assignment at university. Studying at NSU Campus and Studying at Home Have we ever asked ourselves if where we study impacts more in our life? It is quoted that a student can gain knowledge from everywhere. But everyone has his/her […]Read More

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Subject-verb Agreement

This file is collected from Nasrin Parvin miss’s lecture. She is a wonderful instructor. You already know that subjects and verbs agree in number. My sister is married.  (singular) My sisters are married. (plural) My brother and I are single. (plural) Subject-verb agreement is sometimes confusing in the following situations: When a sentence begins with […]Read More


Transition Words

Transition Words – Practice Question This questions were collected from Nasrin Parvin miss’s slide. Compound Sentences:   Relationship Coordinating Conjunctions Conjunctive Adverb Subordinate Conjunction (adverbial clauses) Addition and accordingly again also besides furthermore in addition moreover   Comparison, similarity and also in the same way likewise similarly as as if as though just as Contrast […]Read More

Education Public Speech

Persuasive Speech Writing

Children Should/Shouldn’t Have a Mobile Phone above 16 Years Old? (Hello, everyone! This is Tanjim. Peace and blessings be upon you. My topic is ‘Should children should use mobile phones above 16 years old?’ Thank you, sir, for selecting this topic.) Introduction Attention Getter: Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Please, raise your […]Read More