Compare AND Contrast Essay

 Compare AND Contrast Essay

Sample – Compare AND Contrast Essay. The course was Intermediate Composition. This was my final assignment at university.

Studying at NSU Campus and Studying at Home

Have we ever asked ourselves if where we study impacts more in our life? It is quoted that a student can gain knowledge from everywhere. But everyone has his/her favorite place to do study, assignment, etc. Perhaps, studying at North South University campus and studying at home can offer both many similar and dissimilar things. There are mainly three similarities between these two places such as quietness, relaxation, and study material; however, there are also some dissimilarities such as crowd, collaboration, and technology.

In consideration of quietness, both places have many similarities. At the NSU campus, there are many places where I can study quietly. There is a quiet study hall for studying in a quiet environment. Besides, I can study in the central library, where no one is allowed to make a sound. The library has a good amount of space so one can set along and do his study properly. In the same way, in my house, I have my room where I can study quietly so no one can disturb me. Moreover, I can easily lock the door of my room or tell family members not to knock me during my studying period to make a quiet environment to do exam preparations, do online classes, complete assignments properly. So, indeed quietness is one of the most important similarities that is experienced by all of the university going students.

Another most important similarity between these two places is relaxation. In NSU, classrooms are well air-conditioned and clean. Moreover, the library and study hall has many relaxing chairs and big tables to place books and study materials. On the campus, if I get hungry, there is a large canteen for eating food. Besides, NSU has a different resting place for both boys and girls. I can go to the boys’ lounge to take a nap. Likewise, NSU club rooms have relaxing sofa sets for taking rest. Similarly, at home, I can do my study relaxingly since I have a personal room and a table to place my books and study materials for doing any assignment or quiz study. In the same manner, I can get food easily as the kitchen is near beside my room. If I feel tired, I can easily take a nap in my room. Hence, both places are different but have a similar amount of relaxation for studying peacefully. 

The last but not the least important comparison between studying at NSU or home is the availably of study material. In that case, both places are best, I must say, as both places have the facility to avail of books. At NSU, I can easily find any books on the central library or the book shop from where I can easily buy or borough books. Also, I can easily get some help by going to the teachers’ office hours. Besides, I can get help from my friend to understand any complicated topic or I can borough a calculator. In the same way, at home, I can have my books, notebooks and enough resources to do the study without facing any problem. Furthermore, I can get help form my family members. In my house, I have all my study tools available at my table, which is indeed very helpful when I have a mid tomorrow. I do not need to worry about anything at all. Therefore, it is highly said that in a comparison between these two places, both have almost the same amount of study materials that any student can make his/ her lessons clear in no time.

However, both places have similarities, but also have some major dissimilarities that make these both places unique at every student’s point of view. One of the major contrasting points is liveliness. At the NSU campus, typically there are many students doing classes in the classroom which establishes proper attention to the lecture. Besides, the faculty can show a practical example on the board with a marker easily. Furthermore, students can make groups to discuss the day’s topic. On the other hand, at home, studying with the help of the internet separates one from the liveliness. Additionally, online classes or online courses might be helpful but most of the time it fails to set up proper attention on the study. Also, students cannot feel free to ask questions about the lecture. So, in consideration of liveliness, studying at the campus and studying at home is differ highly.

The second most important difference is the chance of collaboration. In consideration of studying with a group can make one more prepared. Sometimes it is hard to understand the question patterns, solve all the problems written in the books or notes; but having a group discussion, most of the problems can be solved easily. In this case, studying at the NSU campus with a friend circle can make anyone more knowledgeable. In my experience, I have many good experiences of collaborative study at campus. I get help from my fellow group mates. Sometimes, it is so difficult to do the whole project by myself but with the help of the groupmates, I can finish the project smoothly. Besides, studying at home, I have to study along most of the time and that’s why I need to solve all of the study problems by myself. So, in consideration of collaborative study, these two places differ most.

The last contrasting point is the availability of enough technology. At NSU campus students can have different technology such as lab facility, the free Wi-Fi facility, and the print zone facility. It is hard to read the slides at PC or smartphone but the NSU campus gives us the facility of printing 200 pages at a semester. Studying at NSU, anytime we can go to the IT dept. and easily print the slides for reading. Moreover, computer labs have high-speed internet, and the central library has the faculty of printing the premium journal papers and magazines which we cannot do at home. Though almost all of us have a personal computer, most of us do not have a high-speed internet connection, printing facility available at home. Also, if we need to do research work for any publication writing, we need to sign up for a premium account which is too much costly for us. But at NSU campus, those cost is beard by NSU authority for us and this facility is only available from the central library computer. So, in that case, I must say, studying at the NSU campus is more suitable than studying at home.

In conclusion, choosing where to study is a very subjective experience. Studying at NSU and studying at home both places have many similarities and dissimilarities but these are the strong and bold points of similarities: quietness, relaxation, study materials; and dissimilarities: liveliness, collaboration, technology. All of these points mainly depend on the mindset of a student. In my opinion, studying place is dependable in the present situation that I am going to face; and right now we are going through a tough time. However, no matter where I choose to study, the most valuable thing to keep in mind is to be generative. We should find our proper study place and restrain distractions to make our future brighter.

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