Sample Speech Analysis

 Sample Speech Analysis

This is a Sample Speech Analysis/ Example Speech Analysis – general format. It will help you to understand the pattern of writing informative speech analysis. This was my assignment task on speech analysis at university.

The main purpose of the speech titled “The Skill of Self Confidence” is to educate. The specific goal is to discuss the main techniques of how to build the skills of self-confidence. To become successful, self-confidence plays the key part and Dr. Ivan Joseph defines this at greater length. The qualities of speech and its deficiency will be autopsied here.

At the very first of the speech, Dr. Joseph addresses the audience by sharing his experience that how everyone interested in coming to play by him telling different abilities. Consequently, he efficiently gathers the attention of the audience using the personal experience by telling what he is most importantly locking for. By sharing the experiences from his personal life as a coach, makes him a good credible speaker. Moreover, the he sets listener relevance of the subject matter by telling about his student who is playing in Europe having a high confidence level.

The body of the speech is well organized with key points that help to show the importance of self-confidence having different examples of great men. Listening to the whole speech, it is understandable that the topical order is used as the main organizational order. He starts giving examples of Mohammad Ali, J. K Rowling and visualizes their level of self-confidence then starts by showing the path to build self-confidence. The word repetition works as a rhetorical device in the speech. After that, his speech progress to catch a student’s mind when they are in good condition.

The concluding part of the speech expresses the most important elements where Dr. Joseph restates his main purposes of the speech that he informed earlier. He incorporates an example that works the clincher and it appeals towards a great lesson that shows the path to praise the positive behavior. Finally, the speaker calls-out with appealing to the audience by suggesting “Catch them when they are good.”

Starting with a story, the speaker creates an environment. The speaker’s eye-contact shows the confidence level of the speech. The speaker manages vocal tone properly at the time of saying rhetorical word ‘repetition’. The speaker uses the whole stage to incorporate with audience and uses different body languages at the time of telling his own experiences.

The speaker could have used a structured form of the thesis statement. But, throughout the whole speeches, he gave many examples and logics with sound language which helps the audience to visualize the information. Having said that, the speaker has a good knowledge of using and placing rhetoric words. He created practical relations with the main points of his speech which worked as the ethos and pathos of his explanation. He established a practical connection to the audience of his speech. Though he did not properly maintain the structure, and the main key points were not perfectly restated in the conclusion; but his body language, good sense of humor, the delivery skill can be an outstanding example for others. Moreover, the speech made me educated that having a good level of self-confidence, I can also achieve my goals.

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