Sample – Speech Outline

 Sample – Speech Outline

Topic: Is Great Britain justified in leaving the European Union?

General Goal:                          To persuade.

Specific Goal:                          I want to persuade my audience that Britain’s decision is justified in leaving the European Union.


Attention Getter:                     Have you watched the British documentary film ‘Brexit’ on Netflix performed by the famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch? In that film, Cummings, the main character campaigned to convince British voters to leave the EU.

Listener Relevance:                 The law regarding the withdrawal of Britain from the EU is called Brexit. once headlined that Britain’s people voted 52% to leave the EU.

Speaker Credibility:                 After watching the documentary film on Brexit, I have become interested and done a good amount of research whether it is justified or not.

Thesis Statement:                    Many reasons justify the decision of leaving, but the most important reasons are economic interdependence, economic well-being, and unmanaged immigration.


(Transition: Firstly, the most important reason is economic interdependence.)

  1. Economic Interdependence:
  2. Britain is more economically dependable on the EU.
  3. Time magazine shows 12.6% of Britain’s GDP is connected exporting to the EU.
  4. But the EU’s currency is the euro and this is causing several problems in every market in Britain.

(Transition:  Secondly, Brexit is justified for economic well-being.)

  • Economic Well-being:
  • Britain is giving millions of dollars to the EU.
  • But in return, Britain does not get much.
  • Moreover, the common fisheries policy observed that Britain is getting less in its finishing water whereas the EU gets a huge part.

(Transition:  Finally, the emotional site of Brexit is heavily affected by unmanaged immigration.)

  • Unmanaged Immigration:
  • EU law assures that one EU citizen can travel all EU countries and take jobs.
  • Eurozone countries sometimes struggle economically.
  • Those people came to Britain for jobs and it is undercutting the native working population’s job and increases unemployment.


Review of Main Points:                        Though many people thought that the Brexit is a wrong decision but Britain’s people support it for mainly its economic interdependence, economic well-being, and unmanaged immigration.

Clincher:                                              Brain has the right to leave the EU by law. But the facts behind it, are mostly patriotism rather than quite scattered to what is the case.

Appeal to Action:                                So, I would like to call-out my speech by telling you that we should know the current news regarding the world to learn and make ourselves a knowledgeable person.

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