Transition Words

 Transition Words

Transition Words – Practice Question

This questions were collected from Nasrin Parvin miss’s slide.

Compound Sentences:

RelationshipCoordinating ConjunctionsConjunctive AdverbSubordinate Conjunction (adverbial clauses)
Additionandaccordingly again also besides furthermore in addition moreover 
Comparison, similarityandalso in the same way likewise similarlyas as if as though just as
Contrast or oppositionbut or yethowever in comparison in contrast instead nevertheless on the contrary on the other hand otherwise still unfortunately  although even though though whereas whether while    
Timeand thenafterward at the same time finally first furthermore in the meantime later meanwhile next second subsequently then thirdafter as as long as as soon as before once since until when whenever while    
Illustrationfor example, for instance, in fact  
Compound Sentences
RelationshipCoordinating ConjunctionsConjunctive, AdverbSubordinate Conjunction (adverbial clauses)
Manner  as if as though like
Purpose  in order that, so that
Reason, cause, effectfor soas a result consequently hence then therefore thusas as long as because inasmuch as in order that now that since so that such that
Conditionso even if even though if in case only if provided that unless whether or not
Summation finally hence in conclusion in general in short in summary overall therefore 
Emphasis certainly indeed in fact to be sure 

Final Practice



The Caliph marveled at the grace and radiance of the young girl, a)___ was astonished to see b)__ each of the dervishes was blind in the left eye. The girls offered him a cup of wine c)__ he excused himself; saying , “I am setting forth on a pilgrimage to Mecca shortly.” d)__ one of the girls put down before him a small table, on e)__ she placed a cup of Chinese porcelain. The Caliph kept on seeing all these wonderful things done by the girls.



Every citizen has some duties and responsibilities for his nation. a)__ most of the people are careless in this respect. The people of this country have achieved national identity by dint of a great sacrifice b)__ is still evaluated nationally c)__ some selfish people never want to give their recognition. d)__,   we all should do some benevolent activities, e)__ , we will be indebted to the nation.


so thatifas ifthatsincethoughin order to

Most of our students cannot write out their examination papers fairly. a)__ they cannot understand the question properly, they often beat about the bush and cram their answer with irrelevant and unnecessary details. b)__their teachers suggest c)__ their answer should be brief and precise, they often lengthen them unnecessarily. d)___ get expected marks, you all should understand the questions well and answer them to the point. He shouldn’t worry e)__ some of his answers are fairly short.


likewiseuntilwheneverhoweverconsequentlyotherwiseon the contrary

Aloka is a very sincere student. a)__ she gets time, she sits in her table. She does will in her college tests. b)___, she doesn’t forget to take physical exercise. c)__, her sister Anika is very inattentive to her studies. d)__, she can’t do well in her school tests. One day her father called him and said, “You should be attentive to study. e)__ you won’t be able to shine in life”.



English gives us easy access to the ever-expanding knowledge of science and technology, arts and education, innovations and discoveries. a)__ all the books, journals, reports, research findings are available in English. b)__ any important books, papers etc are c)__ written in English d)__ translated into English immediately after they are published in other language. English language can easily learn about them e)__ you have acquired the reading skills in English.


because ofhealthyalsolaterat the agefeverbut

Helen Keller was born in 1880 at Tashcambia in America. She was born as a a)__ and normal child b)__ lost her eyesight later. c)__of one and a half she was attacked by brain d)__. This disease took away her power of seeing. She e)__ lost her power of hearing.



a)__ taking food, we should bear in mind b)__ we do not eat just to satisfy hunger c)__ to fill the belly. We eat to preserve our health. Some people d)__ live in the midst of plenty, do not eat the food they need for good health e)__ they have no knowledge of the science of health and nutrition.



Students are the future leaders for a country a)___ are to lead a nation.  b)__ they must seek to fulfill their potential. They possess the art c)__ can lead to their success story. d)__ leaders, they can decide our fates e)__ they discharge their responsibilities with great efficiency, we can reach the target of perfection.


butthatnot onlybut alsoabove allalsowho

Rokeya is a Bangladeshi girl a)__ is about to finish school . b)__ she has no hope of going on to college. Her parents are c)__ illiterate d)__ superstitions. e)__ they think that educating girls is but a mere wastage of money.


in shortthoughuntilmoreoverin spite ofifbothas

Mr. X is a miser a)__ he earns a lot of money. He seldom buys new clothes. b)___, he bargains with the shopkeepers to save money. c)__ having many friends, he always avoids entertaining them. d)__ he and his wife put on shabby dresses. e)__, he possesses a strange personality.



Honesty is a noble virtue. The man a)___ possesses this rare quality is the happiest person in the world. To be honest, man should have rust worthiness b)__ nobody trusts a liar. c)__, Allah helps the honest people. d)__ children should  be taught honest from the very beginning of life.  e)__ children should be developed among the honesty people.


in factrecentlysometimesbesidesfor instancethoughwhile

a)__ man has made tremendous technological progress, he has not been able to conquer nature completely. b)__, he is hit by natural calamities. c)__ , a devastating flood very often occurs in Bangladesh leaving people homeless d)__ other various calamities damage and destory life and property. e)__ some of the African countries are affected by drought.


after all because ofsomehowin factwhenhoweverunfortunately

Having a degree on medicine Gulliver went on a voyage. a)__ the ship was wrecked but he b)__ managed to swim ashore. He slept a deep sleep c)__ his tiredness. d)__ he woke up he saw many tiny creatures. e)__, they were the human beings smaller than Gulliver himself.


as a resulthoweveractuallywhichtodaysincebecause of

Globalisation is a term a)__ is commonly used by man. b)__, it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world creating a borderless market. c)__ global development, we have conquered the time and distance. d)__, we can learn what is happening in the farthest corner of the world.  e)__ we can easily share our feelings with others.



A cook once roasted a duck for his master. The roast looked so delicious a)__ the cook couldn’t resist the temptation b)__ ate up one of the drumsticks. c)__ his master sat down to eat, he quickly noticed the missing leg and asked d)___ had happened to the other leg. The cook told him that the duck had one leg only. The master was not to be fooled. He said that there was no such thing e)___ a one-legged duck. The cook insisted that this duck had only one leg.



a)__ I had an accident, I was taken to hospital. b)__ I came out with my head still bandaged. I again met with another accident. I struggled instinctive fear c)___in vain, d)___ I made up my mind to vanquish it at e)___ cost.


so thatin fact thoughbutforrecentlysince

If you come to Chandpur, you will see many Hilsha fish caught in the river Meghna there. a)___ it is full of Hilsha fish, b)__ it is true that poor people can’t eat this delicious fish c)__ they can’t afford to buy it. The government d)__ imposed a law to sell this fish in the local market e)__ the price comes down to the afford ability of the poor.


howeverthatwhyonly throughonlysomewhatusuallyhighly

The greatness of a book depends a)__ on the acceptability among the readers. If we read a book b)__ one, we can discover many things in it. But basing on one reader, we cannot judge the standard of a book. When a book is praised c)__ we have no doubt about the greatness of the book. d)__ reading, we may not understand a book, but if it is read more than once, we will see e)__ it was read and praised.


whosein finewhoneverthelessashoweverthat

There is no doubt a)__ honesty wins in the long run. A man b)__ practices honesty in all his world never faces difficulty. c)__ there are some people d)__ only thought is to create difficulty for honest people e)__ they want to get things illegally.



Smoking is a serious bad habit. It is a social crime. Smoking is such a bad habit a)__ it is harmful  for a person both financially and physically b)__ smoking has a bad effect on the society. c)__ a man smokes, he has to pay an amount. d)__ this smoking is equivalent to taking poison knowingly. Rich men speed a handsome amount for smoking e)__ could be sufficient to satisfy the hunger of a poor family.


moreoverin factfor instancewhenon the other handthoughhowever

a)___ fish and whales live in water; whales do not behave like fish. b)__ they behave like human beings. Many whales show strong family ties. c)__ the young remain with their parents for 15 years or even more. d)__ in times of danger  they look after one another. e)__ a member is wounded or sick, the others do not abandon it. They support it on their backs so that it can breathe.


but alsobutbecause ofbesidesthatnot onlythough

Mashroom is very useful food. a)___ we have been neglecting this wonderful vegetable for a long b)__ our ignorance. The other reason is c)__ it grows in filth and soggy places. d)__, we are unaware of its nutritional values. It has e)__ nutritional values but also medicinal  qualities.


althoughbesidesso thatbothbutandwhich

Life in the village has a)__ advantages and disadvantages. Village life is calm and quiet b)__ free from traffic jam. c)__ village life has many attractions and advantages, it lacks many facilities d)___ are available in the city. e)__ people can get the best education and medical treatment in the city.


evenwhereasthereforeifneverthelesstruly speakingas 

No doubt our mother tongue Bangla is very rich. a)__ in this age of globalization we cannot do without English. b)__ English is the most influential language all over the world, it is taught as a compulsory subject from class one to degree level in our country. c)__ we cannot receive any higher education on any good subject without having good command in English. d)__ a radio or a TV mechanic must know English to do his job properly. e)__ we must learn English with good care  and interest.


forbutbecausewhensometimesthenin order to

There are people who read a book, not because they enjoy the book, a)__ because they want to be able to say that they have read it. They want to be in the swim. Ten to one, when they read a book for those reasons, they only skim though it b)___ all they really want to do is to be able to talk as if they had read it. There people who set themselves down to read a book because they think it will do them good. They make a duty of it, a kind of penance c)__  they go so far as to set themselves to  many pages at a time. If it is some kind  of technical book which they are reading d)____ improve their knowledge, well and good. But if it is a novel, or a poem or any part of what we call ‘English Literature’, e)__ person who is reading it in this way wasting his or her time.


thenagainbutas a resultasthereforeso

On the exam date of English Second Paper I was stuck up in almost a never ending traffic jam. a)__ I reached the examination hall half an hour late. When I entered the examination hall, the invigilator gave me the answer script and the question paper. I filled up the answer script. b)__ I looked at the questions. c)__ all the questions were common to me, I started writing. d)__ I could not write the full answer of any question. e)__ , I switched over to another question. Again the same thing happened.


whereon the other handas long asalthoughbetweenwhilethrough

Electronic mail is popularly known as E-mail. a)__ telex   communication is also electronic in  nature, there are differences b)__ a telex and E-mail. Electronic mail communication is user to user via a computer, c)__ telex commutation is terminal to terminal. In telex, messages are sent to the same terminal box from d)__ it distributed in a printed form by an operator. e)___, E-mail is delivered to individual electronic mail boxes based in computers.


especiallyifno doubtin factratherhowever 

Women are half of our population a)__ they are not given their due rights b)__ they are suffering from different social problems. Eve-teasing is the latest of them. c)__ , d) ____ the school and college going girls fall victim to this social scare. e)___ it indicates the moral degradation of the society.


soon the contrarythoughevenbutlikewiseactually

Human nature is to be attracted by the outward show of things. a)__ show things may not have any merit in them. b)__ we should value the worth not the show wind. There are many men who look pious c)__ they are most notorious. The apple of seldom looks marvelous d)__ it had a bitter kernel. e)__ the wicked look polished but has a dishonest heart.



a)____ a baby and an old person are very different in point  of age and experience; they are much similar in respect of physical ability, mental strength, economic condition. A baby physically immature and depends on the adults around him for physical movement. b)___ an old person may be weak and he depends on others for his movement. c)__ a baby possesses a little mental strength and can hardly exercise it. Likewise an old person lacks mental strength. d)__ a baby has to depend on his parents for a all finical support. An old person too, depends on his sons and daughters for economic assistance. e)___ a baby and an old person have much in common. 


under certain circumstancesthoughbesideshoweversoyetto conclude

a)__ child labour is a heinous act condemned by the U. N. O. we always see young children working for a living around us. b)__ parents engage their children in work. c)__ poverty compels them to do so. There are other reasons also d)___ illiteracy of the parents is a cause of child labour. e)__ government should take steps to stop child labour.


after allandbasicallythoughactuallybesidesat least

Bangladesh is a South Asian developing country. a)___ it is surrounded in three sides by India and to the south by the Bay of Bengal. b)___ we achieved independence formPakistan in 1971, her economic freedom is yet to come. c)___ ours is an agro-based economy d)___ most of the farmers cultivate their lands in an ancient method. e)__ people here are very simple, peace-loving and God-fearing.


yetforassinceevenwheneven ifbefore

Florence Nightingale was the daughter of a wealthy English nobleman named Mr. Nightingale. a)___ she was born at Florence in Italy, her parents named her Florence. b)___ she was a child she slipped old of their house to the village to ease the pain of the sick humble people there. c)___ she grew older, she wanted to become a nurse. Her mother did not allow it. d)___ nurses in those day were ill paid and not honored and respected as they are now. Besides her mother, a doctor friend also warned her against doing so. e)__ nursing was the profession that Florence longed with all her heart to join.


whichalthoughat presentthushoweversincebutnow

 Television is a common and widespread source of entertainment a)___ it has occupied the place and position of radio b)__ once used to be a popular source of entertainment. c)__ cricket has become more popular than football d)___ football gives us instant excitement at every moment. Watching TV e)___ has become and addiction for many.  


suddenlyhoweverfor examplethenfurther morewhenfor a while

There was a violent clash in the university campus yesterday between two rival group of students. The clash began at about 11 o’ clock when one group was chanting slogans against other group. a)__ their opponents chased them from behind. b)__ the procession was dispersed. But very soon they gained strength to make a counter attack. c)___ the campus turned into a battle field. One student was stabbed to death and many others were seriously injured. d)___ the police arrested some of them, the situation came under control. e)___ the university was closed for sine die.



A reason a)__ people at school is to please their teacher. The teacher has said that this, that or the other is a good book and that it is a sign of good taste to read it. b)__ a number of boys  and girls, anxious to please their teacher, get the book and read it. Two or three of them may genuinely like it for its own sake and be grateful to the teacher for putting it in their way. c)___ many will not honestly like it, d)__ will persuade themselves that they like it e)__ that does a great deal of harm.


that is whyasbecausethereforeas a matter of factof courseon the other hand

There is no denying that anger is man’s worst enemy. It is often compared to fire. a)___ , it spoils one’s good qualities b)__ fire burns and destroys our valuable things, houses, mills and factories. c)__ a man can get angry, but his anger goes beyond control, it becomes destructive. d)__ anger causes harm to the individual, to his family, to the society he lives in and to the citizen he is a citizen of. e)__ it is forbidden in all religion.


in casewhichforbesidesso thatandas

I tried to get up. But could not move, a)___ I found my arms and legs tied strongly to the ground . My hair, b)__ was long and thick, was tied down in the same manner. c)___ I felt several fine ropes across my body, from my arms to my legs. I could only look upward. The sun began to grow hot, d)____ the light hurt my  eyes. I heard a strange noise around me, but e)__ I lay on my back I could see noting but the sky.


ifso thatandin order tothatoras longs as

It is only hunger that makes a man work hard day and night a)___ procure his food. If hunger is not satisfied at the proper time b)__ is left to continue, it creates a showing anger. A hungry man may go to any extent of mischief and continue to work havoc c)___ his hungry is not satisfied. He does not hesitate to commit any crime d)___ he thinks that necessary for appeasement of his hunger. No force of law, religion, morality e)__ ethics has any effect upon a man whose stomach is empty.


for a whilebutsoifof courseusuallyaccordinglybecause

All of our food comesform the soil. Of course some of us eat meat a)__ . b)___ animals live on plant. c)__ there were no plants, we world have no animals and no meat. d)___ the soil is necessary for life. The top of the ground is e)__ covered with grass or other plants.


suddenlyat lastat the endagainoncethenso

a)__ I was coming to Dhaka form Khulna by launch. The weather was very fine and the sky was clear. b)__ we all the passengers were in a jolly mood. We all were enjoying the beautiful natural scenery on the either side of the river. c)__ after the sun set the weather turned foul. There were deep clouds in the sky. d)__ a serious storm rose. We all the passengers were terrible upset. The launch was not very big. e)__ there was no life boat in the launch. We all began to take the name of the Almighty Allah.



Many a student thinks it difficult to learn English a)____ the fact is not so. b)___ it is a foreign language it is interesting to know it. c)____ English literature is the richest one. d)___ it is seen that there are many writers in the Common wealth states and in the Indian Sub-continents writing English poems, short stories, novels etc. e)___, it is through English Literature one can have a peep into Greek literature, art, music and sculpture.



Human beings a)__ other elements are important for the environment. b)___ plants and other animals are being destroyed indiscriminately by us. The lives of many wild animals are c)__ under threat. If it is not stopped, our lives will also be challenging. d)__ the birds and other animals are killed for various reasons. The number of animals is decreasing e)__ . But all the species are important for ecological balance.


sometimesnamelyfirstlythusafter thatduringwhen

Like the people of all professions, a teacher has got some duties to perform daily. He gets up early and does his homework. a)__ he takes academic preparation. If he is an English teacher, he reads the text very well and makes notes on important matters. b)___ it is time for school, he starts for school. In the classroom he tries his best to present everything in very lucid and simple English. c)___ he supplies notes to the students. d)___ the off time he read English newspapers, magazines etc. At school he does various works and spends a buy time. At night he again read books and takes a good preparation. e)___ a teacher passes his daily life.


otherwiseevenasthoughas ifin this situationwhen

A Mother is the most important person in the world a)___ many people do not understand about it. It is a matter of greater regret that b)___ after getting married, they are fully indifferent to this fact. c)__ they become father, they should realize the affection to their children. d)__ they should bear in  mind that they were also brought up by this parents like this way. e)__ we will be indebted to them forever.


most oftenrathersoin other wordsfor instanceactuallysuddenly

Our country is overpopulated. Roads are very narrow in our country. a)___ street accidents become quite common. b)__ street accidents take place for careless driving. c)__ drivers, traffic policemen and other concerned side the road communication are responsible for almost all road accident. Last week I saw a serious street accident. A young boy was crossing the Mirpur Road near the Science Laboratory. d)___ a truck was crossing at a great speed. The ill fated boy noticed it but he could not go to the other side of the road. e)___  he was run over by the truck.


andfor examplesimilarlywhileorwhichin fact

Despite their obvious differences in length, the paragraph a)__ the essay are quite similar structurally. b)___, the paragraph is introduced by either a topic sentence c)___ a topic introducer followed by a topic sentence. d)___ in the essay, the first paragraph provides introductory marital e)__  establishes the topic focus.


for instancegenerallyas a resultandinitiallyafter thatalthough

Good health is a very hard thing to measure. a)__ it is one of the most precious things of life b)__ people in poor countries have poor health and people in rich countries have much better health. c)__ early death and shorter life expectancy are the common fate of most people in the poor countries. Good health depends on many different things. d)__ we need a healthy environment and good medical care for maintaining good health e)__ we need to look after our won bodies and lives.


in shortthoughuntilmoreoverifin spite ofbothas

a)___ Mr X earns a lot, he is a miser. He is hardly seen to buy new clothes. b)__, he bargains with the shopkeepers to save money. c)__ having many friends, he always avoids entertaining them. d)___ he and his wife put on shabby dresses. e)___ he possesses a strange personality.


ratherin additionthoughfinallybutthereforeundoubtedly 

There are many ways and means to know others or to criticize over different matters. a)___ self-criticism is the best way to measure one’s self. b)___,importance of knowing thyself can never be denied. c)__ it is important for anyone to identify his or her personality. d)___ it appears to be very difficult to find out our limitations, it is constructive for developing one’s self. They often don’t mend them selves. e)__ they are afraid of self-criticism.



Traditional English grammar a)___ has been used for last three hundred years has more or less lost its appeal to modern linguists. According to Michael Swan, this grammar is not the most important thing b)__ if one makes a lot of mistakes, he/she will be more difficult to understand, c)___ some kinds of people may look down upon him/her or not take him/her seriously. Hardly anybody speaks d)__ writes a foreign language perfectly, but one will be able to communicate more successfully e)___ he/she can make his /her English reasonably correct.


orbecausebutof coursewhenthoughthat

To my mind, the only sensible reason for reading anything is a)___ we enjoy or hope to enjoy it. b)__ pleasure covers a whole variety of feelings and shades of feeling. c)__ it is my strongest belief about reading that one should read only what one likes, and because one likes it. I am talking, of course, of our private reading. d)___ we are studying special subjects, or working for examinations,  we obviously have to read a good deal e)___ we would not choose to read in other circumstances.


at presentbutas a resultotherwisenowoftenthat

Once upon a time, we were enriched with our social and moral values. a)__ with the touch of modernity it is waning and waning and b)___ it has come to the level of pinpoint. c)___ new social diseases are binge born day by day. ‘Eve-testing’ is one of these new born social diseases d)___ it has horrible shape that must be addressed immediately. e)___ it will be take no time to brings social destruction.


howeverthoughlastlyfor this reason ifunfortunatelyon the contrary

a)___ a student does not learn his/her lessons properly, an examination is tough for him/her. b)__ an examination is easy if he/she takes proper preparation. The night before the exam is not always joyous. Feelings, of course differ from examinee to examinee. c)__ it is something like dream. d)__ most of our students are negligent. e)___ there is much hurry, suspense and tension among the students at the night before the examination.



Eve-teasing is certainly a heavy blow to the life of a girl. Undoubtedly a girl must feel insecure a)___ she faces such an odd situation in life. Ultimately, this stigma contributes b)___ to stop her studies or to commit suicide. c)___ the existing law is not sufficient to punish the stalker or to prevent this melody. In fact, we now direly need to create social awareness. d)__ at the same time a girl must be decent e)__ in her movements and dress free nakedness.



Black holes are produced by huge stars. They are called black holes not a)___ they are real holes in space but because they cannot be seen b)__ there is no light coming out of them. c)__ after burning for billions of years stars reach the end of their lives their energy does not disappear. The burning core becomes very small like a pinpoint d)__ its weight this is as much as a star. It e)__ has tremendous gravity and gravity pulls towards it everything that comes near it.


bothhowon the other handwhatsoonin order toin the end

a)___ Ali Baba reached home and told his wife b)___ he got the gold. His wife was delighted to see so much gold. So, she wanted to measure it. She went to Karim’s wife c)___ borrow a pair of scales. She was very simple women. d)___ Karim’s wife was very clever. She wanted to know e)___ Ali Baba’s wife would measure.



Television is a common source of entertainment a)___. It has occupied the place and position of  radio b)__ was once upon a time the most popular source of entertainment’s c)___  cricket has become more popular than football. d)___ football gives us instant excitement and charmer at every moment. In the field of art and music e)___  people have changed their test.



Population explosion is a constant threat to our environment and existence. a)___ in Bangladesh  the population is growing at such a high rate that environment may soon fail to supply the people with minimum necessities. b)__ we take immediate steps to stop this rapid growth of population, is growing rapidly, people need more things. d)__ a developing country like Bangladeshcan not supply the people with all necessities. Many people are deprived of the basic educational and medical facilities. e)___, a great number of people are not getting jobs to earn their living.



a)___ the very beginning of their life the rights of our society are thought to believe that the best foods should be preserved for the male members of the family. They are b)___ taught that they should eat less c)___, this trend helps their girls grow in a different way. d)___ they are victimized by social and familiar disparity. e)___ we the conscious people, should come forward to bring back their lost dignity.



a)___ angling is my hobby, I usually catch fish with a fishing line b)__ one without having patience should not catch fish with a fishing lien c)___ one needs to wait hours after hours to catch fish with it. d)___ angling is a matter or excitement as after catching a fish one gets much pleasure. e)___ angling is my hobby.


soasalong withandbutthatwho 

Fortune has often been blamed for blindness a)___ fortune is not b)__ blind c)___ men are. Those d)___ look into particular life will find e)__ fortune is usually one the side of the industrious.


howeverbecausewhichas soon asso thatratherso 

Gender discrimination in Bangladesh begins at birth. Most parents want to have children a)___ they can, when they are older, supplement their family income and for help with the domestic work. In the existing socio-economic set up, male children are best suited to this purpose, b)___ girls are born to an unwelcome world. c)___ they are assigned, d)___ confined to domestic chores. Some of these girls may be at school. But all their work domestic or academic stops e)___ they are married off, which is the prime concern of the parents about their daughters.


as a resultifbutthoughbesidesorandsince

Trees and plants are essential for all kinds of life. They give us food and oxygen. a)___ they protect us environmental pollution. b)__ many people are not aware of this, they cut down trees continuously. c)__, forest lands are shrinking, d)__ people go on cutting down trees, one day there will be no trees left for us. We should stop destroying forests e)___ our life will be at stake.



Corruption has become part and parcel of our life. a)___ no office work is done without corruption, people have it as an acceptable practice. b)___ this evil practice should be stopped. c)___ the government is strict, it will not be possible. d)___ some corrupt officials are punished, it has not been evicted form govt. offices. e)___ it must be eradicated at any cost.



The whole world is alarmed by AIDS epidemic a)__ AIDS has created panic now, it is not so alarming in Bangladesh. There is a controversy b)__ the origin of AIDS. The first AIDS patient was found in New York in 1974. c)__ the disease has spread virtual to ever country. d)___ we can stop the speed of the disease, we must suffer. e)___ we should be conscious about this about this disease.


Ifandalong withthoughthussoand

Computer various is terror to the users of computers. a)___ it is not the biological virus, it disturbs the plain operation of a computer. Computer virus is usually a programme to delete the files which are saved b)___ useful memories. Sometimes the virus attacks the hard disk c)___ harms it. d)__ things happen e)___ no operation is possible after the attack.


althoughbutbothalongalsounlessnot only

Life in village and that in towns has a)___ advantages and disadvantages. Village life is calm and quiet and free from jam b)___ city life is full of din and bustle. c)___ village life has many attractions and advantages; it lacks many facilities available in the city. City life d)___  provides us with the facilities of education and treatment e)___ with many other amenities.


soas a resultof courseeven thoughhoweverifconsequentlyto speak frankly

Freedom of the press is the crying need of the day. a)___ , the press is the conscience of a nation. So, b)___ any sort of ban and prohibition is put on the liberty of the writers, especially of the news writers, editors and reporters free circulation of opinions is hampered and stopped. c)___ development especially intellectual development is bound to see a stop; sometimes restrictions and restraints are imposed on the press by the government. d)__ people are deprived of the many essential truths and things. e)___ it is true that sometimes the freedom of the press is misused by yellow journalists and reporters.


whereasrecentlybecause ofthoughin factfor exampleas

Style in clothing changes a)___ fashion than because of comfort and necessity. b)___ weather does not very year to year. You can explain the reasons practicality c)___, it is not always accepted. You can, d)__ say that short dresses are colder e)___ long dresses are warmer.


in addition tosoin spite ofdespitewhat notin factbesides

A tree gives us fruits, flowers, sheds, timers and a)__. Without trees our existence on earth is quite impossible. b)___ man’s friendship with trees, flowers and nature is very old. c)___ trees enhance the beauty of the environment, d)___ the immense benevolent service, they are disappearing fast because of illiteracy and ignorance. People cut down trees for fuel, furniture and other purposes. e)___ to many greedy and corrupt officials are engaged in cutting trees.


after thatfirstlywhensothenbutinitially

Sir Walter Raleigh traveled widely and learnt to smoke. a)___ he returned to England. b)___ he did not stop smoking. He took two pipes everyday secretly in his room. c)___ anyone came in, he quickly hid his pipe. One day he was not quick enough. A man came in and saw clouds of smoke in the room. More smoke was coming from Raleigh’s mouth. d)___ the man brought some water and threw it over Raleigh. he ran out of the house and told everybody about it. e)___ smoking was not a secret.


besidessince thenwhowhyduringbutwhere

A school is a seat of education a)___ students come to gather knowledge  for the purpose of having a bright carrier in future. b)___ the ancient period everyone was inimical, brutal and irrational. The establishment of first schools is the first step to the removal irrationality from man. c)___ man has been getting benefit of education coming to schools. Man is the man’s teacher in the school. Those d)__ are working in a school are teaching models of education in exchange of salary and other privileges. e)__ born teachers never follow commercial policy followed by the  teachers present.


thoughmoreoveras well asthatinstead ofbecausebesidesif

Scientists have always wondered a)___ there is life anywhere out in the space. It was thought b)___ there is life on Mars. The pictures sent by Viking showed Mars as having a red sky c)___ a blue one and a pinkish iron rich soil. It has deserts, mountains, volcanoes d)___ seasonal variation, e)___ there are no trees or signs of any form of life.


because ofwhenin order to as a resultsfor examplein shortifusually

Brain drain, means the migration of highly educated and qualified professionals to abroad. Its reasons are many. a)___ the highly qualified persons don’t get better jobs and better salaries, they are completed to seek better jobs in abroad. b)___ some highly ambitious students migrate for higher education. c)___ they manage better jobs, they get settled there. d)__  this, our country is deprived of the better service from her brilliant sons. e)___ stop brain drain and universities with better facilities should be established in our country.


elsemoreoverthoughusuallyon the plus sidefor examplealso

Living in a city has both advantages and disadvantages. a)___ it is often easier to find work, b)__ there is choice of public transport. So you don’t need to won a car, c)___ there are lots of interesting things to do and places to see. d)___ you can eat in good restaurants, visits museums and go to the theatre and to concerts. e)___ when you want to relax, you can usually find a park.


besidesfor instanceagainbecausesecondlyhencethat is to say

The eating habits of the people of a country depend largely on its geographical position, climate and soil a)___ the kinds of food that people eat depend on what they can grow or afford to buy from other countries. b)__ people in the tropical countries eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which grow abundantly in these regions. c)___ the chief food of the people of Hawaii are taro roots and seafood. d)___ they eat a lot of limes, coconuts, bananas and pineapples which grow in  plenty in these islands. e)___ we see that the kinds of food that people at vary throughout the world.


becausethatwhateverin factbutalthoughwho

Those a)___ learn nothing in life are set down as failures, b)___ they have neglected little tings. They may themselves consider c)___ the world has gone against them, d)___ they have been their own enemies. There has long been a popular belief in ‘good luck’. e)__ like many other popular nations it is gradually giving way. 


finallyneverthelessfor examplein the same waythereforefirstlysecondly

The paragraph and the essay are different from each other. a) _____ there are some similarities between them. b)___ the paragraph has a topic sentence to introduce the main idea. c)___ it has a number of sentences in the middle to develop that main idea. d)__ there is a concluding sentence in it bring the main idea to a close. e)___ the essay also consists of a beginning, a middle vide an end. 


moreoverfirstfor examplefinallynextthenso

Mr. Latif is very friendly and generous a)___ though he is our boss, he behaves with us like an innocent child. b)___ , he is not proud of his position. Everyday he does several nice things as soon as he enters the Teacher Common Room. c)___, he shakes hands with is colleagues. d)___ he embraces them with cordiality e)___ he entertains them to tea.


sincein factforalthoughso thatyetwhenhowever

The canteen on the east of our college is an added attraction for us. a)___ we can satisfy our hunger. There are some benches and chairs for the students b)___ they sit there. c)___ many students go there just to have talks with friends. Some students are seen playing d)— they find a gap period in the routine. We enjoy here, e)___ we have to follow the rules strictly.


asas a resultifelsestillactuallyhowever

Illiteracy is a curse of our country. a)___ we are responsible for our being illiterate. b)___ our government has taken steps to remove illiteracy from the country Illiteracy causes great harm to us. c)___ we do not understand, we cannot take steps to improve our poor condition, d)__ we are lagging behind. We are dependent on foreign grants. e)___ we are not aware of the importance of literacy, we will not be able to change our lot So we should be careful of the fact from now on.


can evenby wrappingnot onlyby holdingbut alsowithto pick up

An elephant does many things with its trunk. It a)___ can smell, feel and pick up things with its trunk b)__ can uproot trees with its trunk. They can defined themselves by wrapping their trunks around their enemies and dashing them to the ground. But they use their trunk c)__ peanuts, too d)___ brush taught to seep e)___ a broom in its trunks, an elephant can sweep a floor clean to sawdust.



The moon is a very familiar figure to all of us. She awakens a feeling of love and tenderness in our heart, a)___ the infant in arm stretches out its hand to grab the moon, b)___ her appeal is not confined to only children. The full moon has always played an important role in literature c)___ science has different things to tell about the moon, d)__ on a clear night, we look out on the magic of moon light, it is often difficult for us to think e)__ the moon is shining in browed feathers.


sowhilethatandso thatsimilarlybesides

It is true that new friends are compared to silver and the old friends to gold, a)___ it is a common knowledge b)___ gold is more valuable metal c)___ silver, d)__ old friends are more important than new ones, e)__ old friends have been tried but new ones have not been put to any test yet.


butin the first placebesidessecondlyfinallyat the endtherefore

Almost all countries of the world suffer from the curse of unemployment. a)___ nowhere in the world, this problem is so acute as in our country. There are many reasons behind it. b)__ our country is industrially backward. c)__ our system of education fails to give a student an independent start of life. It has little provision for vocational training. d)___, our students and youths have a false sense of dignity. e)___ they run after jobs only.


howeverwhichthenat alloftenwhenso

a)__ the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain heard about the plan to soil across the Atlantic, they could not believe him b)___. c)___ they turned him away. Columbus, d)___ did not lose hope. He went to them again. The King and the Queen were e)___ very busy, so they could not help him.



Today, the 13th November, 2008, we are sitting for the test examination. a)___ it is the most important examination in our college life, we have taken good preparation. b)___ it is true that many of our friends are worried of the subject for some obvious reasons. c)___ any student fails to secure the qualifying marks he/she will not be sent up for the HSC examination to be held in 2009. d)___ it is our expectation to secure good marks in the subject. e)___ if she /he can answer well it will be encouraging for her/him and in that case there is very possibility to do good in other subjects.



There was once an African king a)___ was very proud. One day an old Negro came to him and said, “All men are servants of one another.” b)___ I am your servant, am I?” asked the king. “Prove it before sunset c)__ I will kill you.” “Very well,” said the Negro. Just then a beggar came to the door. “Let me go and give this poor man something to eat,’ said the Negro. d)___ as he went towards the beggar, his walking stick dropped form his hand and at once the king picked it up e)__ handed it back to the Negro.


soagainbutbesidefinallyhoweveras soon asdespite

The BCS Examination is the only gateway to what is called a gazette post. a)___ other benefits go with the job. b)___ students love their degrees, they plan to take the BCS Examination. c)___, everybody is not allowed to go in for the examination. d)___ a majority of these candidates fail to secure qualifying marks. e)__ the successful candidates are required to go through a psychological test.


who         wheneverin factunlesssomehowwhateverbecause

a)___ a man does, does for his own necessity. He invented motor cars because he wanted to travel quickly. He spent money on medicine b)___ he wanted to remain healthy and he manufactured computer because he would like to make life comfortable. c)___ all necessities persuaded him to get down to take risky ventures. In all cases, the more intense his necessity is, the more efforts he makes to achieve the goal. We eat when we are hungry. Sauce makes food tastier. But one d)___ is hungry, does not need any sauce to make his meal delicious. e)__ he feels hungry; he seems to eat little or nothing. 


as well asfirstlyat lastfortunatelythensoinitially

a)___ the first day of my school come. My father told me to get ready. My mother dressed me in fine clothes and combed my hair. b)__ I touched her feet and went to my father who was waiting for me. The school was not far off from our house. c)___, it took us only fifteen minutes to reach there. My father went with me to the Headmaster who was a grave but good man. He asked my name and a few questions. d)___ I could answer all the questions. So he asked the clerk to admit me into class four. He behaved well with my father e)__ with me.



There is a world about learning poetry by heart. Young people a)___ consider this tiresome drudgery, b)__ the learning of poetry had one great advantage over merely reading it; poems that have been learnt become a permanent personal possession. The mind is enriched with a store of beautiful or lofty thoughts and ideas c)___ may be a source of pleasure, comfort or inspiration at times d)__ books are not at hand. Poems selected for learning e)__ should be worthy of the time to be spent on them.


on the contrarybut in contrastratherbutwhereasthough

There are some similarities and differences between the patterns of eating in Britain and that in Bangladesh. a)__ the main meal of the people of Bangladesh is the lunch, b)__ dinner is the main meal of the British. Usually the British have cereal, toast and tea or coffee for the breakfast. c)__, in Bangladesh the people of the rural areas eat rice and urban people eat for their breakfast. d)__ we have got no special meal during a week, on occasions special meals are arranged. In Britain Sunday lunch is the most important meal of the week when a cooked is served at midday instead of in the evening. Before going to bed people in Britain have a hot drink like tea or coffee with biscuits. e)__ people in our country are not in the habit of taking these things before going to bed.


althoughof courseuntilunlessifwhilethat

Hopes and aspiration, desires and dreams are at the root of all progress and development, discovery and invention. a)___ people had no hope or desire, human civilization would be destroyed long, long ago. This hope or desire or dream springs eternal from human breast. b)___, mere hope and aspirations are meaningless c)___ they are translated into reality. d)__ trying to actualize hopes and desires, man often does face numerous odds and disadvantages, danger and risk. It is only optimism e)__ encourages him to launch a new and fresh adventure.


besidessinceso thatasboththatwhichanywaybecause

The importance of English can hardly be exaggerated a)__ it is  a global language. We need to learn it for higher studies b)___ books of almost all faculties of knowledge are written in English. c)__, if we do not know English, we will fail to keep pace with the progressive forces of the  world. d)__ learning and teaching English in Bangladesh suffer serious set- backs e)__ most of the learners are not keen to learn it.

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